Anti-White sentiment

Sarah Hanson Young’s problem with white men


Unabashed Leftist identity politics appears to have reached Australia’s highest Senate chamber, with Greens Senator Sarah Hanson- Young not once, but twice resorting to ‘white men’ as a pejorative.

Clearly, Hanson- Young judging individuals on their skin colour rather than character, is the textbook definition of racism.

While the cultural Marxist ideas behind anti- white racism probably gained more momentum amid radical American University campuses, regardless of where this warped ideology is applied, it remains wrong for the same reasons.

As whether truth is expressed by a straight, white, cisgender male, or by a vegan, transgender, athiest, lesbian Muslim, it remains exactly that, regardless of who expresses such sentiment. Further, if a football fan can comment on the sport without playing it, or a regular citizen can have an elaborate opinion on political processes without being a member of a party, then white men maintain an equal right to have a say in whichever arena they please, irrespective of the bigotry of Sarah Hanson Young and increasing numbers of today’s Left.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Hanson Young’s problem with white men

  1. Alas, the evil white man reigneth no more. I’ve personally taken to self-flagellation with a whip made of metal beads to do my penance for all our past transgressions. When I am reincarnated, I’m requesting to come back as a black Muslim with a limp. They should pretty much be in control by then.

  2. When you remove politics from these people, they have nothing; their whole identity, and sexual market value, is built on a “down-with-the-man” worldview. If you remove that, it’s similar to when Dorothy removed the carpet protecting the almighty wizard, revealing a broken down huckster.

    1. This is a true shame isn’t it. I would encourage all people: whether they identify as conservative, progressive or otherwise to develop interests besides politics, for a life lived entirely in echo chambers can be rather sad.

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