The Progression of Extremism

While elected officials such as Bernie Sanders cannot be held responsible for the Left- wing terrorist who shot Steve Scalise, the broader movement of Leftist authoritarian intolerance can, as aptly explained by Lauren Southern.

7 thoughts on “The Progression of Extremism

    1. While I didn’t see this occur, I came on it shortly after and saw the aftermath. The next morning, I checked the Country Sheriff Department’s Call Log on their website looking for this incident. It was there – labeled “Politically motivated road rage.”

  1. Somewhat related…

    I was speaking to a moderate Muslim guy I know (Egyptian). But you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. At any rate, we started chatting about life, politics, etc. And the tired, old rehashings came to the surface…

    The moderate Muslim is basically a jealous individual. He wants to be like the Christian, yet resents that the Christian has succeeded in ways he hasn’t (who cares if your people invented the zero two thousands years ago…why is Cairo a shithole?). And their blanket hatred of Jews is not particularly creative; it’s more of a scapegoat thinking based on Koranic writings. They invented all wars, etc. Muslims seem to brush right by the fact that they themselves are Jewish in many of their cultural traditions.

    If you told the moderate Muslim that some missionary got his head chopped off in Dubai, he would retort with, “Yeah, but colonialism…”

    1. It’s a shame but it’s true that Muslims remain loyal to their Ummah above all else. It’s interesting you mentioned an Egyptian, you should check out Geert Wilders’ interview with the glaznov gang as he makes a similar point.

  2. I was watching the right wing nut du jour Alex Jones talk about today’s Megyn interview and Alex sucker punched us with a clip from The View.
    Alex Jones is just so ewwwwww!
    The discourse left one wanting. No Pat Buchanan’s in that gaggle. Only left wing snowflakes could find that appealing.

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