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Europe is for Europeans

On why Europe belongs to Europeans, Douglas Murray cites Edmund Burke’s likening of civilisation to a pact between the dead, the living, and those yet to be born. Building upon this concept, Murray memorably asserts: “What you have inherited, you do not have the right to give away.”

6 thoughts on “Europe is for Europeans

  1. This “migrant” crisis is the new norm for Europe as the Europeans cannot agree among themselves on how to solve it (and lack the will to take decisive actions to solve it).

    1. And given the lack of necessary resolve, if the catastrophic consequences bear down on Europe, Europeans will be culpable for the West’s destruction as they have missed many opportunities to save their continent.

  2. The only problem is that due to European/Western technological innovation (among other things) poor countries will always be begging Western nations to visit, invest, etc. An example can be seen in Dubai, where most of the prominent buildings were constructed by British firms. And then there are the InfoTech industries (Microsoft, etc.).

    The, when these nations go there, they are accused of racism, colonialism, etc. So it’s a lose/lose really.

    1. Your right. Maybe one day the racist shouters will figure may see logic and appreciate the West’s unique contributory role to human civilisation. But it’s best not to hold our breaths waiting.

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