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Care About The Poor? Why Withdrawing From Paris Agreement Helps Those Most Vulnerable

Are you truly concerned about the poor’s economic welfare? If so, you should be celebrating President Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw itself from the Paris Agreement. The Paris climate accord, which was ratified last year, attempts to “brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change […]

7 thoughts on “Care About The Poor? Why Withdrawing From Paris Agreement Helps Those Most Vulnerable

  1. So-called renewables are not always economically viable, hence the government subsidies. Solar farms in the desert southwest of the US are literally frying birds in flight over them. No exaggeration. Wind turbines throughout Europe, in addition to being eye-sores and not aesthetically pleasing, are killing hundreds of thousands of birds each year.

  2. I always find it interesting that people are far more interest in only the emotional attachment arguments, like The Paris Accord. I think finding new sources of energy is a great thing, even greater if they are renewable, even greater if we can find ways to make them more efficient. I don’t like the idea of forcing the hand, though. Just because the Paris Accord is wrapped in this lovely little guise of “saving the world!” doesn’t mean it is the best way to accomplish something, or the fair way, or even the smart way.

    But that’s how the arguments boil down it seems. “OH, SO YOU WANT THE PLANET TO FRY!? YOU HATE EVERYTHING! GREEDY, UNCARING PERSON!!!!”

    1. Well I certainly think that the big globalist powerbrokers are having a substantive role to play, and manufacturing this big global warming crisis is another step towards furthering their own power..

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