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My response to Theresa’s May speech


Yesterday, I watched Theresa’s May reply to the Islamic terrorist attack in London and subsequently, I shall respond.

After outlining the specifics of the terror attacks, May vowed that Britain’s fertile environment for homegrown terrorism must change, and that Muslims should be moved away from this ideology, by showing them the British values are ‘superior’.

While it was good to see May demonstrate some outrage amidst a notably lethargic, terror- weary West, such reasoning is inherently flawed. As if particular Muslims believe the Quran is divine and that jihad fulfills God’s will, there is no way of overcoming these beliefs from a secular, humanistic viewpoint. For there can be nothing more honourable than completing conduct favoured in the eyes of God. Infidels who condemn the Islamic doctrines of jihad and sharia will have no impact on aspiring Islamic terrorists, and this sentiment may even make extremists double down in their hatred of Western civilization. If anything meaningful is to theologically challenge the roots of Islamic terrorism, this has to come from the Muslim community: something that Theresa May woefully misunderstands.

Theresa May also took used her speech to warn against ‘radicalization online’, and espoused the need to ramp up counter terrorism operations in this regard.

But the internet is such an enormous, expanding sphere, and no country could ever hope to close down every jihadist site on the web. If May was serious about countering the environment which has fostered seditious feelings against the United Kingdom from within, she would address radicalization in British prisons and mosques. As whilst Muslims represent 1 in 20 British citizens, they make up 1 in 7 of Britain’s inmates, with radical preachers and Islamist ideology prevalent amongst prisons. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s funding of British mosques is notorious, and reportedly, just 2 of Britain’s 1700 mosques are considered to follow a modernist interpretation of Islam. In fairness, May did allude to the secure space Islamists enjoy in Britain, however as this rhetoric lacked specifics, it appears there will be some time until the safe abode that political Islam enjoys in parts of Britain, is genuinely challenged.

Furthermore, May called the London attack a ‘perversion’ of Islam. And yet just moments before she made this most indefensible of claims, May described the attacks as ‘Islamist extremism’. This begs the most obvious of questions, (although one which has not been asked nearly enough): how can a phrase describing a movement that contains the word ‘Islam’ in it, be unrelated to Islam? What sane observer outside of the political establishment could take May’s rationalization seriously?

Of course, ‘Islamist extremism’, ‘violent extremism’ or whatever appealing kind of illustration Western leaders wish to dress it up in is related to Islam, given the life of the so- called prophet Muhammad, who waged offensive jihad in capturing the once Christian city of Mecca, and committed unspeakable savagery against women, Jews, and the rest of his disbelieving enemies.

Islamic jihad then continued after Muhammad’s death, insidiously spreading across much of the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Spain, and vast sections of Europe (despite decisive defeat in the Battle of Tours), before Western civilization retaliated against centuries of Islamist aggression in the Crusades.

After this early period, various caliphates emerged before the Ottoman empire came to strength in the 16th century, whose expansion was halted in the 1683 Battle of Vienna. Later, the Ottoman empire endured a long- winded, humiliating death which culminated in the abolishing of the caliphate in 1924, before decades of Islamic weakness inspired Al Qaeda and associated groups to declare war against the West, and later saw ISIS reestablish the caliphate in 2014.

Moreover, to solidify this tradition of Islamic conquest and the example of Muhammad, the Quran contains at least 109 verses inciting Muslim violence against non Muslims. Likewise, the Hadiths are laden with hatred against disbelievers, Jews, gays, blasphemers and apostates.

Unequivocally, ‘Islamist extremism’ has something to do with Islam, and yet Theresa May along with the majority of the Western establishment, doesn’t have the courage to admit it.

See below for Theresa May’s full speech:


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