Islam in Britain

London Bridge attack

For the third time in just 2 months, the free world is left to ponder yet another Islamic terrorist attack in Great Britain. For now, it is worth considering the details of this Islamo- fascist display, but tomorrow, I will reply to Theresa May’s speech which responded to today’s horrific attacks.


The Telegraph, June 4, 2017:

Seven people have been killed and 48 injured, many of them stabbed, following a confirmed terrorist attack at two sites in London – London Bridge and Borough Market.

A van drove into pedestrians on the bridge and two separate eyewitnesses – one named Eric, another named Gerard – told the BBC that they saw men stabbing people in both sites, and heard them shouting: “This is for Allah”.

The three attackers have also been shot and killed – dying within eight minutes of the first call, police said. Police said that they believe there are no more attackers on the run…

9 thoughts on “London Bridge attack

  1. The trouble with these attacks is we do not know which are false flag and which real. The first 2 looked like false flag to me and gave rise to the sudden policy shift of TMay et al, this one I haven’t had a chance to suss out. Either way, it seems the Orwellian police state is alive and well in England, and now can’t you hear the drums of war beating? Shameful.

    How easy it is to divide, manipulate and conquer people.

  2. It’s heart wrenching to see Great Britain swept with multiple attacks. Its unacceptable, and they must stand united against the waves of inhumanity so bent on terrorizing them.

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