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STUDY: Women Love Them Some Toxic Masculinity

Nature has a funny way of working through the feminist myths of this world.


Daily Wire, by Amanda Prestigiacomo, May 17, 2017:

Women can’t help but love masculine men, not RompHim-wearing metrosexual male feminists. This seems like basic knowledge acquired by any heterosexual female with a beating heart. But because denial-induced leftists refuse to acknowledge this truth and shame men for their so-called “toxic masculinity” — which is SJW for anything remotely traditionally masculine — a study published in Evolutionary Behavior Science confirms this truth for us.

According to the study, women who had husbands who rated themselves as behaviorally masculine, based on extent of dominance, power, masculinity, and assertiveness, were found to be more satisfied with their husbands during the fertile portion of their cycle than women with less masculine husbands, who saw no jump in increased satisfaction whatsoever.

“[T]he aim of the current study was to examine the interactive effects of women’s fertility and their partner’s masculinity (a trait that women prefer near ovulation in the short-term mating contexts) in the context of long-term relationships — specifically, marriage,” says the study.

After gauging 70 newlyweds, both the bride and the groom, the psychologist responsible for the study, Andrea L. Meltzer, “found a link between wives’ daily marital satisfaction, wives’ daily changes in conception risk, and their husbands’ behavioral masculinity.”

“Women with husbands who reported higher behavioral masculinity were more satisfied with their relationships at peak fertility compared to the less-fertile phases of their menstrual cycles. But women with husbands who reported less behavioral masculinity demonstrated no such shifts in satisfaction. For these wives, the level of satisfaction remained relatively steady,” reportsPsyPost. 

“Men’s masculinity can benefit heterosexual women in the context of long-term relationships,” said Meltzer. “In this study, wives who were married to relatively more (versus less) masculine husbands reported higher marital satisfaction near ovulation compared to less fertile phases of their ovulatory cycle. We know that women’s mate preferences for short-term partners shift across their cycle, but this study demonstrates that women’s short-term mating strategies (e.g., preference for masculine men) impact even their most long-term relationships — their marriages.”

As noted by PsyPost, “Previous research had found that women tend to be more attracted to men with more masculine physical characteristics at peak fertility. The new findings indicate that women’s shifting preference for masculinity extends to behaviors as well.”

Still, such masculine behavior has been damned and vilified by every pink-haired crazy-eyed feminist on college campuses across the United States. Heat Street reports:

A University of Maryland staffer recently claimed in a blog post that “societal ideas about masculinity (like sexual prowess, dominance, financial stability, risk-taking and the “Man Card”) create an environment that encourages — or is at least passively complicit in — sexual violence against women, and isolates and invalidates male survivors of sexual assault.”

San Francisco State University also linked these traits to rape in a recent post on men’s health: “Whether it’s being told to ‘man up’ or being told that men should be the ‘breadwinner,’ our society tells us men should exert power. While the vast majority of men will never commit sexual violence, studies show that those who do commit sexual violence strongly believe in these attitudes.”

Similarly, the University of Minnesota’s Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education recently urged men to develop “healthy masculinity” that “acknowledges the fluidity of gender beyond male and female.”

For goodness sake, students at the University of Regina In Canada even provided a mock-confessional booth for men to confess their sins of toxic masculinity.

Instead of feminists rightfully attacking actual acts against women, they deem traditional qualities in men as inherently “toxic,” as inevitable precursors to grotesque crimes like rape and abuse against women. Presumably, their end-game is to totally scrub men of any trace of masculinity at all, even if that means women will be less happy with their male partners.

But, hey, if there’s one thing we know feminists like even more than donuts, it’s misery.

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  1. Complicated issue. Not for sure I agree with you but you have a point. On this, and so many other things, I just don’t know. But that makes me a liberal, I guess!

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