Iranian refugees retain protection visas despite holidaying in homeland

While the fake refugees are being allowed to stay in Australia, the self- appointed protector of refugees; the Greens, are refusing to condemn these latest developments.

So much for their party standing for their vulnerable and disenfranchised of this world.

Instead, these shameless hypocrites give first aid to que- skipping, economic migrants, while genuine refugees are left languishing in refugee camps.



Yahoo News, May 16, 2017:

Six Iranian boat people have been given permission to stay in Australia despite being caught taking trips back to the country they left in fear of their lives.

Since receiving their Australian protection visas, some of them returned numerous times to Iran, sparking suspicion from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on their intentions for living in Australia.

However, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) foiled Mr Dutton’s attempts to deport the Iranians, allowing them to stay here anyway, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Documents obtained by the newspaper reveal in each case, the Iranians, who paid people smugglers to get to Australia, were given protection visas after claiming their lives would be in danger if they returned to Iran.

The visas were cancelled by Mr Dutton, or his delegate, after the Immigration Department discovered they voluntarily returned to Iran and later came back to Australia.

It’s understood one person made three return trips to Iran after getting their Australian visa.

One of the three trips was to get married under Islamic law.

The AAT reinstated the protection visa after ruling that just because the person took trips from Australia to Iran, it didn’t mean the person didn’t fear persecution in the country….


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