7 thoughts on “Strange Death of Europe

  1. He was certainly ganged upon!

    I disagree the commentators ideas (and of the lady as well), suggesting immigration has been discussed and dealt with. Macron won because he topically addressed the issue and moved on to affirming the EU and LePen lost because she opted to pull out of the EU and France isn’t ready to make that call yet.

    Mass immigration will lead to the death of Europe because Europe is not America and does not strengthen itself through immigration the same way; immigrants must strengthen the individual country to which they migrate. The EU is far too chaotic and undemocratic to make such tangible decisions.

    Mass immigration in Europe will lead to endless social engineering and then imponderable collapse. There is no separation of Mosque and State in Islam yet the most basic value of the West, separation of church and state connote be defended against the hue and cry of “racism!”

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    Immigration is going to cause huge problems in Europe. There already is a de-facto civil war in France, and the problem is spreading as European union spreads. If things continue this way, European union will go down, and it will go down in flames.

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