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Islamic State terrorist Neil Prakash likely to face Melbourne court within 12 months

Malcolm Turnbull appears keen to bring the notorious Neil Prakash back onto Australian soil, where he will apparently ‘face justice’.

Now, perhaps Australia is being forced to extradite this man back from Turkey due to foreign powers/ obligations.

However, our government should be in no rush to bring back Neil Prakash, or any of the other Islamic terrorists who wage war against our civilization.

As given Australia’s national security interests, I would prefer Neil Prakash waging jihad on the godforsaken lands of Iraq, than extraditing this terrorist back only for him to spread Islamist ideas in prison, and ultimately, have Australian taxpayers pay for this asinine decision.


Herald Sun, by James Dowling, May 12, 2017:

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia’s most notorious Islamic State terrorist Neil Prakash should be returned to home from Turkey to face justice “within months”.

Prakash has been kept in a maximum-security prison near the Syrian border while the extradition process continues.

Mr Turnbull said he expected Prakash would be returned to Australia soon.

“We should be getting him back within months, but it has obviously got to go through the Turkish processes,” he told Channel 7.

“But we do have an extradition treaty and we are satisfied that Neil Prakash who has been one of the key financiers and organisers in ISIL — this barbaric terrorist group that we are determined to destroy — will be brought back to Australia and he will face the courts.”

The Herald Sun can also ­reveal that a team of investigators from Melbourne’s joint counter-terrorism team will travel to Turkey to expedite the ­extradition procedure.

Authorities there, keen to see the back of Prakash, had been “co-operating fully”, a well-placed source yesterday.

A huge dossier of evidence — much of it based on the 25-year-old’s vile social media chatter — has been compiled for what would be one of Australia’s biggest terrorism cases.

The Australian Federal Police issued an arrest warrant through Interpol based on an evidence brief.

It says he will be charged with foreign incursion offences for fighting with the terror group in Syria and Iraq, membership of a proscribed terrorist organisation and recruitment for a terrorist organisation. He may face other charges that carry a maximum of life in prison.

Prakash could be charged for entering banned areas, former IS strongholds Raqqa and Mosul….

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