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Le Pen loses to Macron in the French Presidential election

Emmanuel Macron, head of the political movement En Marche!, or Onwards!, and candidate for the 2017 presidential election attends a campaign political rally in Saint-Herblain near Nantes

Marine Le Pen’s recent defeat to Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential election, undoubtedly broke the hearts of populists across the Western world.

For France was given a clear opportunity, to choose patriotism over the failed path of globalism. While France has experienced 21 Islamist terror attacks since 2015, and has a globalist President with an approval rating of just 4 %, the French were given a chance at altering this status quo, and retaking their country as Britain did in June, and America did in November.

However, in the end, France was duped by an internationalist, former Rothschild banker who posed as an outsider, yet represented the same pro- immigration, pro- EU worldview that has brought the country to its knees.

At present, France, the great nation of art, culture, cuisine and current P5 member of the UN Security Council, is facing a grave challenge to its existence.

While terrorism presents an obvious danger, parts of France are becoming lawless due to Islamic no go zones, while conditions for French women, Jews and homosexuals is less assured.

And whilst France is experiencing this rising tide of Islamization, Islamic birth rates are increasing, along with Muslim immigration.

So with all of these Islam- related problems projected to rise in France, what will Emmanuel Macron’s solutions be as President?

If Macron’s campaign rhetoric is anything of a guide, challenges to France’s future will be quickly amplified.

This incoming incompetency which might well annihilate France, was displayed when Macron lethargically described terrorism as an ‘imponderable problem’, that will be part of France ‘for the years to come’.

And on approaching the issue of Islamic supremacism and societal division, Macron proclaimed that there is ‘no single French culture’. In other words, Macron takes no issue with France being splintered into alien cultures, languages and religions.

While we can predict that France will disastrously fail under a Macron Presidency, a key question remains: can France as a Western, European nation be saved in the future?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unclear.

True, Marine Le Pen won 33.9 % of the vote, which was nearly double what her father won in the 2002 Presidential election.

Traditionally, the Front National has been regarded as a fringe, far- right political party, and this result is its furthest move yet into the mainstream.

But 33.9 % is far short of the 40 % that Brexiteer champion Nigel Farage earlier predicted, and is an enormous sum short of winning the Presidency.

Macron also gained 92 % of the Muslim vote, a sign of Islam’s growing political influence in the country. Whether an overtly anti- Islamist Presidential candidate will be capable of overcoming such electoral pressures remains to seen, given France’s estimated 10 % Muslim population.

And even if Le Pen is somehow able to win the 2022 Presidential election, the damage to France may have already been done.

Although France has been a country of unique contribution, that the French readily raise white flags in times of hardship, has been a renowned criticism throughout the years.

So perhaps the ghosts of June 14, 1940 are again emerging over France, as where French sovereignty was once crushed by a rampaging German army, France has voluntarily given it away to an ambitious, power- hungry European Union.

But while the grave of Charles de Gaulle violently turns, this time, not even the armies of America and Britain will be enough to save France .

14 thoughts on “Le Pen loses to Macron in the French Presidential election

  1. I am completely aware of Front National’s history of anti-semitism and Holocaust denial. Also, Marine LePen’s friendliness with Putin is more than troubling. However, I am of the opinion that had she been elected, she would have moved Front National further away from the-party-of-her-father’s anti-semitism and Holocaust denial and focused on fixing the many things that she would need to do to fix France.

    As an example (and as I have written here before), I did not support Trump during the primaries in the U.S. last year. Ted Cruz was THE ONE most consistently true Conservative running and I supported him. I did not support Trump until I got into the voting booth last November. Trump has no political ideology. Over the course of his public life, he has supported leftist politicians and causes far more regularly than he ever supported Conservative candidates or causes. He had even given money to the Clintons, for heavens sake! I had a nagging, if irrational, fear that the Clintons had talked him into running to help elect Old Hitlery! I thought that Trump was running more as a joke than as a serious candidate.

    But once elected, he has for the most part done a sterling job of dismantling what Obama and years of acquiescence to the left in this country has done to it. HIs cabinet is more Conservative than Reagan’s first cabinet was and Trump continues to overturn the strangling Administrative State that was given full voice under Obama.

    Despite Marc Thiessen’s view that Trump dodged a bullet with LePen’s defeat (and this is a thoughtful article, despite the fact that it is in The Washington Compost), I feel that LePen would have “pulled a Trump” and governed far more Conservatively than her background would suggest. I am 100% sure she would have staunched the flow of muslims into the country. What the muslims were doing to that country was bad enough when in 2007 I moved back to the U.S. from having lived briefly in Paris. I know full well that the situation in France has only deteriorated since then.

    Macron is a big nothing burger. Marine LePen has been proven right: “France will be governed by a woman – me or Merkel.”

    1. Yeah I’d have to disagree with this article. Le Pen is no deranged fascist. But unfortunately not enough people realised this to vote for her in the recent election.

  2. “But while the grave of Charles de Gaulle violently turns, this time, not even the armies of America and Britain will be enough to save France . ”

    The banking interests and other behind the scenes nefarious groups will not be able to induce the US to fight in Europe yet again? Well, let’s hope not.

    Pity the people of France where fear of terrorism is vey real and is now accepted as part of normal day to day living.

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