Who are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

As the following video demonstrates, it is progressives, not conservatives who hold more prominently racist views, in the prevalence of their soft bigotry.

Moreover, progressives are the most race- obsessed group of them all, with their Leftist filter contributing to this hypocritical, nonsensical perspective of conservatives as being racist.

12 thoughts on “Who are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

  1. This is spot-on! Typical of the Tolrunt Libruls (®™ Democrat National Committee), when they are pointing their fingers, we need to take that as a certain sign that what they are accusing Conservatives of is, in fact, the very thing they are doing themselves! They love to accuse Conservatives of being the modern KuKluxKlan incarnate, conveniently forgetting (and hoping everyone else will too) that is was none other than the Democrat party that was behind the founding of the Klan …

    1. Yes, the party of slavery turned into the party of enslavement. They have trapped black Americans into the social welfare system, in effect forcing them to vote democratic while they can keep on treating blacks terribly. The KKK wins here.

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