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Tony Abbott on the Legacy of Western Civilisation

In Tony Abbott’s recent speech on the legacy of Western Civilisation, he made one particularly good point.

That if conservative parties are to champion the Australian people, while day- to day domestic policies are important, these parties must believe in and promote the foundational values of Australia.

As given Leftist identity politics has hijacked both Labor and The Greens, if conservatives can be the standard bearer for what our nation truly represents, the Right will carry a huge advantage towards winning over the soul of Middle Australia.

2 thoughts on “Tony Abbott on the Legacy of Western Civilisation

  1. Great to see Abbott out staking such claims. I wonder how much the inception of the Australian Conservatives has rocked his boat and reset his compass bearing?

    There remains much more to be done on this values issue to reclaim Western values that appear to be going out the door backwards, but this is a start.

    1. Perhaps something, but as a backbencher it is great to see him have a little free reign. Yeah long way to go but people like abbott are certainly doing more good than harm

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