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Westminster jihad murderer Khalid Masood, in last message, declared he was waging jihad

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, April 28, 2017:

How inconvenient for the mainstream narrative. Deputy assistant Metropolitan police commissioner Neil Basu said in March: “We must all accept that there is a possibility we will never understand why he did this. That understanding may have died with him.” Anything to avoid noting an Islamic motivation.

“Last message left by Westminster attacker Khalid Masood uncovered by security agencies,” by Kim Sengupta, Independent, April 27, 2017:

The last message left by the killer Khalid Masood on the WhatsApp messaging service, revealing his motivation for the lethal attack in Westminster, has been uncovered by the security agencies, The Independent has learnt.

In the message, sent just minutes before he began the rampage in which five people died and 50 were injured, the 52-year-old Muslim convert had declared that he was waging jihad in revenge against Western military action in Muslim countries in the Middle East.

The person who received the message has been extensively questioned, but freed after the police and MI5 concluded that he was not part of a plot and had no prior knowledge of what was unfolding on 22 March.

Eleven others detained following the attack were freed and have been cleared from inquiries….

There was initial thought among investigators that Masood may have been in contact with someone involved in a plotting his attack.

There have been repeated recent atrocities – two in France and two in Germany just in the past year – in which terrorists were found to have been guided through messaging service by Isis “handlers” just before they struck.

Isis had claimed “credit” for the Westminster attack, but no evidence has emerged to back this up.

Masood, who was born in Kent, had come to the notice of the security service for being on the fringes of Islamist extremism in the past, but he was not seen as a threat….

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