Why Yassmin Abdel- Magied is wrong on Anzac Day


Australia’s most undesirable Islamist apologist Yassmin Abdel- Magied has attacked Australia again, but this time in a period considered sacred by both conservatives and progressives.

Earlier today Abdel- Magied tweeted: “Lest We Forget (Manus. Nauru. Syria. Palestine)”, in an attempt to politically hijack a day universally revered by Australians. Essentially, this tweet implicated that Australia should not mourn the death of its own soldiers on Anzac Day, but should instead focus on our purported oppression of Muslims worldwide.

Rather than extensively slam this leech of an ABC presenter as I have done before, the overall concept of Anzac Day requires attention.

Anzac Day is not some occasion for militaristic, white colonial oppressors to cheer on more violence against brown people, something which Abdel- Magied seems to be perceiving.

Rather, Anzac Day is a sacrosanct occasion, in which Australians pause to remember the tens of thousands of soldiers killed in WWI, WWII and in all Australian military conflicts since.

This is not a political day where we cheer on wars or the aggression of particular leaders; it is a sincere time to contemplate the tremendous sacrifices made by the Australian militiary.

Whether or not we agree with Australia’s involvement in various conflicts past and present (I object to numerous, including Vietnam and Iraq), the servicemen and women who have served our nation deserve basic recognition for their efforts.

Nothing more, nothing less.

This respect applies whether soldiers were Australian, British, Greek, Italian, Asian, Aboriginal, African or otherwise, as we all share the same banner, the same flag, and the same nation.

So for some this a patriotic occasion, yet for some it is a solemn, saddening time.

Most importantly, this is not a day for politics, and if Abdel- Magied along with her supporters could learn this lesson, we would all be better for it.

Despite there not being long left, I wish you all a good Anzac Day wherever you may be, and Lest we forget.

11 thoughts on “Why Yassmin Abdel- Magied is wrong on Anzac Day

    1. It’s a fair point. I guess your from the US right? You guys revere your military in ways that the rest of the West scarcely compares. So it might shock you how things are in nations more overrun by PC.

  1. Indeed! ANZAC Day is sacred. And this “Islamist apologist” and sharia law advocate is almost as arrogantly repulsive as the foul-mouthed sharia proponent Linda Sarsour in the U.S. It’s not ‘America First’ or ‘France First’ or (if it’s been used yet) Australia First with these fanatics — it’s Islam first. Full stop.

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