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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to slash 457 visas

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull announced that he would be cutting the 457 visa program, which provides Australian residency for some 100 000 foreigners.

According to our Prime Minister, this decision was motivated by a desire to place ‘Australians first’.

But knowing Turnbull’s record of supporting left leaning policy and back pedaling, I doubt the sincerity of these newfound beliefs.  Especially when considering that Turnbull is aiming to create a ‘new visa class’, which will likely resemble the current conditions present under the 457 program.

Moreover, if Turnbull seriously wants to reduce immigration levels for the benefit of Australians, he would do much more than eliminate the 457 visa program. Rather, Turnbull would start by preventing permanency for the tens of thousands of illiterate immigrants from the developing world who come every year, who use family to gain access into Australia, yet by in large do not serve Australian interests.

Above all, Turnbull’s announcements wreaks of an unconvincing political stunt in this new era of Trump to make the government appear more populist, rather than a reflection of actual Turnbull or Liberal principles.


Perth Now, by Shane Wright, April 18, 2017:

Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce the abolition of the 457 skilled visa program, arguing it was time to put “Australian jobs and values” first.

The Prime Minister will announce the program, which was widely used across WA through the mining boom, will instead be replaced with a new system of visa that will recruit the world’s “best and brightest”.

“We’re putting jobs first, we’re putting Australians first,” he said in a short announcement made on his Facebook page.

Mr Turnbull said while Australia was a multicultural society it needed to focus on providing job opportunities to Australians.

“Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs,” he said.

Instead of 457 visas being “passports that could and should go to Australians”, a new visa class will be created.

“The new visa will better target genuine skills shortages, including in regional Australia. It will include new requirements including previous work experience, better English language proficiency and labour market testing,” he said

A new training fund will be created to help skill-up Australian workers.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten slammed the plan via Twitter.

“Make no mistake, the only job Malcolm Turnbull cares about saving is his own,” he wrote….

4 thoughts on “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to slash 457 visas

  1. I as well dubbed him Malcolm Turncoat some time ago, then moved on to Malcolm turnstile.

    At any rate, Shorten probably has it summed. I note Malcolm’s useless pandering to the “multicultural’ vision of Australia. This term needs to die.

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