Erdogan Claims Victory in Referendum Making Him Dictator

PJ Media, by Rick Moran, April 16, 2017: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is claiming victory in a referendum that will greatly expand his powers, changing the country from a nominal parliamentary democracy into a presidential dictatorship. But opposition groups are protesting the vote, which resulted in a closer outcome than expected. Erdogan will apparently be denied […]


9 thoughts on “Erdogan Claims Victory in Referendum Making Him Dictator

  1. Not if one has principles. What you stand for and what you stand against is who you are. If you can stand for dictatorship when it is convenient then you are no different than what you have stated you oppose.

    1. I would have to disagree. Certain countries like the US do stand for democracy and the rule of law as a general rule. But like any state it has its own interests, and sometimes pursues them more narrowly and sometimes less. And even when including the drone strikes, the rogue nature of the CIA, wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria etc, the US has done more for democracy and the rule of law than any other nation. Consider China and Russia and it becomes clear who the good guys are.

    2. Oh my, sounds like the old, “we have to destroy this village to save it” strategy, AC.

      Where in the world did you ever get the idea that the U.S. cares about people and the democratic process?

      If we believed in democracy we would allow people to vote for the leader and government they want and not interfere by putting “our guy” in power whether the people want him or not! This concept is the root of American foreign policy!

      And rule of law? Really, you must be kidding. Torturing people and locking them up with no charges and no judicial review for the rest of their lives sound more like a page out of Stalin’s play book to Tubularsock!

      It appears that when Morpheus was handing out the pills you chose the blue one.

      So, it does appear that we disagree but that it not because that Tubularsock believes that Russia and China don’t suck. It is just that this LIE that the U.S. is some beacon of truth on the hill is just pure bull shit!


    3. Ww1 ww2 and the Cold War. Without us involvement in these arenas democracy as we know it would not exist. This is not to say that the us is perfect, but it’s the best superpower the world has ever seen.

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