The Donald Trump Presidency

The Neo- Cons Supporting the Syrian Strike

The unsavory figures supporting Trump’s strike in Syria are plentiful, as are the depths of Trump’s broken promises. Wouldn’t it be great if Trump could become┬áTrump again?

2 thoughts on “The Neo- Cons Supporting the Syrian Strike

  1. He is now, and probably was already before, in the pockets of the military industrial complex, no matter what he said to get himself and the republicans elected. He is nu, and probably was before, the puppet of the monopoly guy and that is why he and Hillary got so much media attention while Bernie Sanders got almost nothing.

  2. Oh, Tubularsock gets it ……… a guy who lives in a gold tower really has MY interests at heart?
    Horse shit! Business as usual peons! Now get back out there with your “God Bless, can you spare a dollar ….. need a job” signs. Shit, this fuck is just part of the circus ……. when will you dumb fucks get it …….. just like Obomber, YOU HAVE BEEN HAD!

    Don’t think so? Please respond to Goldman Sachs!

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