The Greens Israel problem

Curiously, Leftists prove capable of surrendering their purported desires to protect minority groups, whenever social attitudes of the times suit.

Could this be because these figures care little for such groups, and only utilize them for virtue signalling purposes?

As of 2017, it appears this fate has been bestowed upon Jews, as epitomized by the NSW Young Greens, who no longer desire to be in the company of Jewish people.

And as we have seen in other Western nations witness to rising Islamic populations, the anti- Israel, and often anti- Jewish sentiment employed to appease Muslims, will only increase as time moves forward.


The Spectator Australia, by Michael Goff, April 5, 2017:

In some respects, the NSW branch of the Young Greens ought to be congratulated for their honesty.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, their decision to boycott activities and communication with Australia’s only peak Jewish student organisation betrays the hideous moral monstrosity that is their NSW organisation.

Where in the past left-wing anti-Semites have hid behind the odious Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement or obsessive, pathological criticism of Israel, this decision pretends to be nothing else but blatant, unshielded anti-Semitism.

Now, it seems, they just don’t talk to Jews.

This virulent prejudice is as old as the world itself and it now seems to reveal itself more publicly in sections of the Left. This sort of reasoning is how anti-Semitism slips so seamlessly into the sort of political fascism that if directed at any other group would be the subject of endless Greens Party condemnation.

No one is saying that criticism of government is not permissible. Just ask the opposition parties in the Israeli Knesset. Disputes on Israeli settlements have been dealt with for decades both inside and outside of Israel. Where it has been clear that this represented some impediment to peace talks, Israel is on the record taking action.

The relentless focus on Israel is the problem – and settlement talk has come to be the latest socially acceptable way to criticise the only democracy in that part of the world for things they otherwise cannot.

While Israel deals with this poisonous, obnoxious criticism, the very worst of human behaviour can be seen in its near-neighbours. Mahmoud Abbas now serves his twelfth year of his four-year term. Hamas – aided and abetted by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – sends fighters into Israel to board school buses to murder Jewish kids.

This is Hamas policy.

When these hideous creatures have carried out their attack, what is a common response from the Palestinian Authority?

Celebration and street-naming ceremonies.

Given the NSW Young Greens’ propensity to blither on about anything no matter the forum, you would imagine it possible they might see their way clear to making some on the record commentary about this.

Anyone who has had the distinct displeasure of attending conferences or student associations with these types know that they have plenty of time to make sure So-and-so University has a formal Marxist position on the Russo-Japanese War, so it shouldn’t be too much of an ask to formally censure hideous political ideologies and terror groups that use Palestinian kids and women as meat shields all for the purpose of killing Jews.

The Australian Jewish community is not monolithic and the Australasian Union of Jewish Students can be credited for bringing together people from all walks of Jewish life united by a commitment to peace, to freedom and to democracy.

I encourage every young Jewish student to become a member and become involved. Feel strong in the knowledge that the enormous, occasionally quiet majority in major-party politics stand right alongside you, and we will not be silent when it counts.

But perhaps I am wrong.

Perhaps the Greens Party does take the Jewish community seriously. But if they do, Richard Di Natale needs to formally censure the NSW Young Greens.

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  1. Left wing politicians have shown tolerance to Muslims for one primary reason: They are a voting block. The irony (and double-think) is that people on the left will often “shun” people they disagree with out of principle. Politically incorrect celebrities are publicly denounced by the left. However, they never attack Muslims for their beliefs. They have selective outrage.

    If you are interested, I wrote a short post (350 words) called “How the Palestinian Authority Encourages Terrorism.” I am open to any feedback:

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