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Bernie Sanders is right about Trump voters


Bernie Sanders recently moved to defend Trump voters in what was seen as a rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s infamous ‘deplorable’ remarks, arguing that he didn’t think they were racists, sexists or homophobes.

While speaking common sense alone generally doesn’t warrant praise, given the state of the modern ‘progressive’ movement he deserves some.

Moreover, Sanders’ comments are useful politically and conducive to the promulgation of truth.

For how can the Democrats hope to win back their old ‘blue firewall’ stronghold, if they continually decry voters they lost to Trump as being racist and irredeemable?

All that shaming individuals into a certain basket can ever hope to achieve, is enabling them to double down into their particular ideology. Trump voters, Clinton voters or otherwise are all capable of being convinced to different ideas and beliefs, but without such people being paid a basic standard of respect and consideration, they will scarcely change their opinions. Likewise, these comments are particular relevant, considering the unprecedented firestorm of anti Trump sentiment, along with the hysterical Hitler comparisons widely spread in the first 2 months of his Presidency.

Rationality also seems to have informed Sanders’ comments, as Trump’s rise to the Presidency wasn’t based around fear mongering, hatred and some innate desire to oppress all coloured people.

Of course, racists joined in on the bandwagon, as surely did some communists for Bernie Sanders, and as some SJW’s did for Hillary Clinton.

But racism wasn’t the primary factor behind Trump’s rise. Wanting to induce a ‘Muslim’ ban (although it has not eventuated) was not based around some irrational fear of Muslims, but was largely enlightened by the failures of immigration experiences in Europe, combined with a wish to place Americans first.

Aiming to stop illegal immigration was not based around ambitions to cruelly dispossess Mexican immigrants, but rather a desire to reassert US sovereignty and the rule of law.

Moreover, desiring to preserve your own culture, people and country, is not the same thing as outright hatred of others.

Now, is race a superfluous construct, entirely malleable to any given place or time?

No, but an inclination to place a nation’s own citizens first and to protect their cultural legacy, is not the same as overt, unhinged racism.

Too often, conversations around race get lost in the virtually indefinable word ‘racist’, and forces pushing for the Left side of politics lose sight of the intolerance already existing on their own side.

In short, the 2016-17 frenzied focus over a new rise in racism, and the so-called ‘alt right’, has been mostly a media beat up.

Consider the below historical graph of the mentioning of the term ‘racism’, in the Democrat- cheerleading New York Times.


As the graph demonstrates, the use of ‘racist’ as a word from the 1960’s to now has increased by a magnitude of 6-7 times.

But could anyone really argue that America of the 1960’s, the country which had George Wallace, Jim Crow laws, in addition to the KKK dominant in parts, was somehow less racist than the modern-day?

Of course not, however these realities have been manipulated by the much of the prevailing subject matter in contemporary Leftist media.

Now does Bernie Sanders, the socialist, the career politician, the independent senator who claims to have all the answers yet refuses to join the Democratic party, truly have all the right answers?

No, but this particular method of approaching the demographic known as ‘Middle America’, is overwhelmingly set on the right track, and is far superior to many of his Leftist contemporaries.

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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders is right about Trump voters

  1. Sanders is not a Democrat, but ran as one. He is political wreckage because he wimped out on not challenging Hitlery when he had the chance; would you really expect him to go to the wall for you in a pinch? However, he knows the cat is out of the bag and is trying to follow it.

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