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Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels tour

So while members for Hizb ut- Tahir enjoy the best of what Australia has to offer, Islamic reformer Ayaan Hirsi Ali is apparently unable to visit Australia, in part due to security concerns.

What a twisted state we find ourselves in.

The Australian, by Sam Buckingham- Jones, April 3, 2017:

Internationally renowned author and anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali has pulled out of her Q&A appearance and cancelled her upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, citing security concerns as one of the reasons for the decision.

Ms Hirsi Ali was due to appear on the ABC’s panel program, along with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus; former Denmark PM Helle Thorning; and The Australian\s editor at Large Paul Kelly.

The ABC has yet to announce a replacement for Ms Hirsi Ali.

She had also planned to speak in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland from Thursday to Sunday this week, but pulled out suddenly.

Ms Hirsi Ali lives with around-the-clock security protection due to her criticisms of radical Islamists.

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali regrets that for a number of reasons including security concerns, she must cancel her upcoming appearances in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland,” those with interviews organised in Australia were told.

“She wishes the event organisers Think Inc, success in their future endeavours and hopes to be able to return to Australia in the not too distant future.”

She was due on the ABC’s Q&A program tonight, as well as live in studio on Sydney’s 2GB Radio with Ben Fordham.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson said the cancellation of the tour represented the way modern activists were hijacking public debate.

“It’s a reflection of what happens when modern left progressive activists think that violence or threats of violence or intimidation are a way of dealing with public debate by silencing or censoring people who disagree with them,” he told Sky New’s The Bolt Report.

“This is not the progressive left of the past that has always defended freedom of speech and the contest of ideas, instead of rather than debating ideas, they are just trying to silence their opponents. This is a very disturbing trend in Australian societies, it’s been happening in university campuses in other Western liberal democracies and it will not end well.”

Ms Hirsi Ali was born to a Muslim family in Somalia, but has been a vocal critic of Islam after renouncing the religion. She has attracted critics for speaking out about ­reforming traditional Islam and confronting militant Islam

She has been a controversial figure, earning, according to the event’s organisers, “widespread criticism among the liberal left and death threats from the religious right.”

The event was organised by Think Inc., a Sydney-based organisation that attempts to provoke debate and rational discourse through conversation.

About 2000 tickets had been sold to Ms Hirsi Ali’s speaking events in Australia.

Buyers were being notified by email about the cancellations and will receive refunds.

Ms Hirsi Ali’s trip to Australia had sparked protests from a group of Muslim women who accused her of hate mongering and bigotry.

Nearly 400 people signed an online petition against Ms Hirsi Ali’s speaking tour.

“Against a backdrop of increasing global Islamophobia, Hirsi-Ali’s divisive rhetoric simply serves to increase hostility and hatred towards Muslims,” the petition, posted on, said.

The Somali-born Dutch-American activist, author, and former politician, is an outspoken opponent of female genital mutilation.

Last month Think Inc said it had been harassed about her appearance.

Its insurers were contacted and warned there could be trouble, and venues where she was scheduled to speak had been contacted and warned that there would be protests where she was due to appear.

Much of this was done by an individual called Syed Murtaza Hussain of the Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia Inc.

He informed Festival Hall in Melbourne there would be 5000 protesters outside the venue if the engagement went ahead. There have been other initiatives, including an abortive appeal on to prevent Ali from speaking.

Ms Hirsi Ali was elected to the lower house of the Dutch parliament. She moved to the US after receiving death threats for helping to make a short film that showed images of violence against women alongside verses from the Koran.

In a paper written for the Hoover Institute at Stanford University last month, Ms Hirsi Ali argues the public needs to be better educated about the political ideology of Islamists and the ways they recruit and finance their operations so they can reach their ultimate goal of imposing sharia law.

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  1. Voltaire would not have a home in this universe if he was alive today. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a bona fide hero. She is winning. Just 10 years ago, she was a voice in the wilderness and now people have picked up on her message

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