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The Left’s latest uproar against Mike Pence


It recently re- emerged to public attention that Vice President Mike Pence, refuses to dine alone with women other than his wife.

While the public concerning itself with such semantic details might seem unimportant, ‘progressives’ gleefully took the opportunity to virtue- signal by slamming Pence for his dining policy.

Since private activities of the Vice President are considered among some circles as part of the broader war on women, it is worth rebutting this deluded reaction.

While some things have ‘progressed’ in recent years, others have regressed.

Fur-most among these negative societal changes is the decreasing role of marriage in public life, with divorce rates between 40- 50 % in most Western nations.

In many instances, marriages break up due to adultery in an era laden with temptation, often leaving generations of children fatherless.

Regardless of whether we find ourselves on the Left or the Right, most reasonable people generally agree that sexual affairs be they in regular relationships or marriage, are unfortunate at best.

Men who cheat on their wives often have a lower regard for their relationships and more generally women.

Feminists degrade these men to extensive lengths in the public sphere, and utilize such men as examples to argue there are ‘no good men anymore’.

And yet, it is in this climate of adultery, faithlessness and subsequent feminist man- hating, that Mike Pence finds himself under fire for wholly devoting himself to his wife.

A 32 year marriage is a 32 year marriage, either way one looks at it. While I wouldn’t advocate going to the length Mike Pence has gone in order to preserve his marriage/ guard against potentially offensive speculation, I wouldn’t criticize the man either.

Now, if feminists take issue to a person with the past that President Trump has had in terms of his various affairs with women over the years, this is perfectly understandable.

Likewise, Trump was rightly criticized following the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

But feminists can’t have it both ways. They can’t berate President Trump as sexist due to repeated past affairs, and simultaneously take issue with the actions of an ultra- marriage orientated man.

If anything the man deserves credit, as he has valued the worth of his marriage and wife in ways far beyond the average husband. Isn’t that what feminist and their cheerleaders should want, a man who places respect for his wife above all other concerns, even if this is manifested through alternative means?

But for the Regressive Left,  none of this will ever be enough, as they have arrogantly moved to grandstand their criticisms of both Mike Pence and his wife.

And many of these same people argue Trump is leading a controlling, authoritarian, Presidency.  But wouldn’t it be sensible for such figures to check their own childish, Leftist authoritarianism before lecturing others?


If this movement is to retain any future shred of credibility, their inconsistent, incoherent arguments need to go.

As does their incessant, embarrassing attempts to overreach into privates lives, by forcing their twisted agenda down the throats of each and every individual.

5 thoughts on “The Left’s latest uproar against Mike Pence

  1. Quit it already!

    Stop presenting rational arguments that will never arrive at rational minds or be rationally considered. Is anybody on the left reading you? It is a nice thought to go after middle people who might appear to not be policy aware, but most people actually are more aware than they are ever given credit for.

    The war has been declared and we need to have a 100 year game plan. These people who are attacking are not interested in a rational agreeable democratic position. The end game of cultural Marxism is DESTRUCTION OF THE TARGETED CULTURE – that means you and yours truly!


    1. I’m somewhat pragmatic but obviously I’m not centrist. So if people are convinced that is good, but this blog also serves a purpose for expressing my own thoughts and hopefully I represent others along the way 👍

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