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Imam given space to worship at an Anglican church justifies the KILLING of Muslims who renounce their faith under Islamic law

Approximately 5 months after the SBS glorified cross- cultural collaborations between a Perth imam and the Anglican Church, this alliance has come crashing down in an embarrassing fashion.

As despite all the wonderful notions once presented about Feizel Chothia, it turns out that even designated posterboy Muslims representing the eternal religion of peace, are not so peaceful.

More specifically, imam Feizel Chothia has publicly advocated the Islamic death penalty be mandated for apostastes, and suggested that Jews are behind a ‘gay agenda’.

While the leftist cheer- leading Anglican Church is likely to deny connections with this now- discredited Imam, this serves as yet another example stacked on top of the dozens before it, of a collective Muslim Australian leadership not adequately conforming with Australian values.

Moreover, it appears that the hypocrisy of any remaining ‘progressive’ who expresses support for open- borders simultaneously alongside traditionally leftist values, is past the point of redemption.

Daily Mail, by Stephen Johnson, March 29, 2017:

An imam given space for his worshipers to pray at a Perth Anglican church has justified the killing of ex-Muslims under Islamic law and suggested Jews are behind a gay agenda.

Feizel Chothia has published a Facebook post titled, ‘The Islamic Punishment for Apostasy’, only days after Daily Mail Australia captured the leader of a fundamentalist Islamist group calling for the death of former Muslims.

The imam has also made the declaration only weeks after he appeared on ABC television hailing his friendship with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries.

Imam Chothia compared the killing of ex-Muslims for apostasy to Western nations executing citizens for treason, but he did not explicitly call for them to be executed.

He compared the killing of apostates, those who leave Islam, to punishment for treason

‘Just as states such as Britain or the United States consider high treason a major crime, so Islam prescribes capital punishment for apostates,’ he said on Wednesday.

‘Certainly, the protection of society is the underlying principle in the punishment for apostasy in the legal system of Islam.’

His sentiments comes only four days after Daily Mail Australia exclusively recorded Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar at a public forum in south-west Sydney explaining how he supported the death penalty for ex-Muslims.

‘The ruling for apostates as such in Islam is clear, that apostates attract capital punishment and we don’t shy away from that,’ Mr Badar said in the presence of children at Bankstown library.

Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries appeared on ABC-TV with Imam Feizel Chothia

Last month, Imam Chothia appeared on ABC News 24 with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries, who has offered Muslims adjoining land for a mosque.

The television segment was about how St Paul’s Church at Beaconsfield, in southern Perth, had given Imam Chothia space for Muslims to worship five years after he first knocked on their door.

‘He was looking for a place where they might hold a prayer meeting and I said, “Well, here because that’s what we do”,’ Reverend Humphries told the ABC program.

It is not suggested that the reverend condones the views of Imam Chotia.

The program said local Muslims had been coming to the church to pray every Friday.

Imam Chothia didn’t call for ex-Muslims to be executed for leaving the faith.

Secular Muslims reject sharia law and the entire idea of death for apostates.

‘The punishment is inflicted only in cases in which the apostate is a cause of harm to the society,’ he said.

‘While in those cases in which an individual simply changes his religion the punishment is not to be applied.’

But after Islamist convert Khalid Masood killed four people in London using a Hyundai Tucson SUV and a knife, Imam Chothia said news reports of terrorism benefited Western governments.

‘Attacks on Western civilisations provide a huge PR boost to the neo-imperialist agenda and free up huge sums of money to be spent on military action against “radical Muslims”,’ he said.

In another Facebook post in December last year, he described the term anti-Semitic as ‘a politically weaponised canard is an attempt to conceal what I believe the truth to be about the doctine of Jewish racial supremacist ideology as the philosophical underpinning for land thievery, terrorism and genocide in Palestine’.

He also bizarrely said Jews were behind the ‘LGBT agenda, the abortion industry, the pornography industry’.

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  1. It is appalling how intent the West is on committing cultural suicide, led into doing so by the Cultural Marxists who share so much in common with the benighted Islamists …

    1. Yes how can two sides so naturally opposed to each other somehow come together to fight the West? Clearly the shared hatred of western civilisation is enough to overcome the seemingly irreconcilable differences between the Islamists and cultural Marxists.

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