8 thoughts on “Ana Kasparian is Better Than You! Right? Right?

  1. I feel like a lot of people like her don’t understand and don’t even try to understand why conservatives and others that hold different opinions have the opinions we do. Part of me thinks that comes from institutions like the mainstream media, universities, etc. coddling them and not exposing them them to alternative viewpoints for reasonable discussion…even when they claim to do so.

    For example, I’m in a speech class this semester, and even though our professor and our TA instructors say that you’re supposed to go about your speeches in such away that you do not turn off your audience (especially opponents to your position) from listening to you, people still stray into the area because they know that the majority of people in my class (and probably in many other classes) agree with them.

    1. Amen. I had a discussion with one of the kids from my class after class a few weeks ago, and in our discussion, he implied that conservatives were bigots even though I attempted to convey that you have to understand why someone holds a position, no matter what side you’re on. I mentioned it briefly to my instructor, and she said that it sounded like he needed this class. I doubt the kid has changed has lightened up on the whole bigot thing, but you can hope, I suppose.

      On the bright side, that discussion helped give me my idea for my final speech of the class.

  2. It has been my experience that most people who believe themselves to be better than others are not self-aware and, be default, lack a macro view to any issue. No one person is any better than another person.

    1. I totally agree! We all have our personal beliefs. But at the point where someone believes themselves to be so definitely right they are incapable of changing their minds, we stop being progressive, and we start being regressive. Hence the Regressive Left!

    1. She champions herself on standing up for the helpless. And yet, she has expressed not one ounce of sympathy for the 30-40 million literally helpless babies massacred since Roe v Wade. Her lack of insight is rather astonishing.

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