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What’s the difference between Barrack Obama and Donald Trump?

As the two most recent American Presidents, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump are remarkably different beings.

Their clashing political views, be they on internationalism vs nationalism, free trade vs mercantilism, or open- borders vs tight immigration, are diametrically opposing by virtually every measure.

Besides policy substance, the personality differences between Obama and Trump are also poles apart, in ways which I believe are relevant when applied to the most powerful job in the world.

Moreover, Trump and Obama’s biographies prior to their bids for public office, are worth consideration.

Barrack Obama spent much of his upbringing moving between Indonesia and Hawaii, living an unusual, yet insignificant life. So while the birtherism movement carried some racial undertones, the fact it was able to gain such attention can be attributed to Obama’s conspicuous, hazy childhood. While the movement continued for months, it was rather strange that Obama was unable to call upon any old friends to verify the roots of his childhood. Obama then spent many years in college, and later worked as a community organizer. Next, he worked for some time as a lawyer, before making a successful run to the Illinois senate in 1996. And after serving in the Illinois Senate, Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004, began his bid for the US Presidency in 2007, and as the world now knows, served as US President until January of this year. While this appears to be a similar life story to any average run- of- the- mill political hack, it was almost like the 44th President came from nowhere, if there can be such a thing.

Contrastingly, Donald Trump grew up in world- famous New York City, raised by his real- estate mogul father, Fred Trump. After attending college, Trump followed in his father’s footsteps into real estate development, and as his fame accumulated over time, became synonymous with the excesses of New York City. Prior to his Presidential campaign in 2015, Trump’s brash, holds no barred approach was hardly a mystery, and he was already one of the more recognized personalities in American public life. As a billionaire, some have called Trump’s wealth into question, and have argued immense inheritances from his father to explain his lavish financial position. However critics and friends alike can all agree on one thing: Trump has a renowned reputation when it comes to work ethic. Trump is known for sleeping two and a half to four hours a night, having a lifetime abstinence from alcohol, and prior to pursuing the office of US President, was responsible for a multi- billion dollar, transnational business.

For mine, after contemplating the lives of Barrack Obama and Donald Trump, all of the differences in their styles as President begin to make a great deal more sense.

There is a reason Barrack Obama aged so dramatically while President, and constantly complained about the burdens of the job. There is also a reason why teleprompters aside, Obama’s later, uninspiring press conferences, are so distinctive from Trump’s bombastic, at times unhinged press conferences.

It takes a special,unique character to serve as American President, as in the job, the lives of millions can literally depend on split- second decisions.

However, Obama was none of these things, and was a lightweight better prepared for the calm, luxurious atmosphere of college campuses, rather than on the front lines of patriotic duty to the American people.

But, because he was black and presented himself in such a way as to deceive the American people, Obama, a medium- energy, ordinary capabilities person was able to rise all the way up into the Oval office.

But after eight, tired years, Obama could no longer fool the world as to the accident of a President he truly was.

Alternatively, Trump’s private- sector orientated mindset, in addition to his extraordinary weight of personality, appears to have him better prepared to serve as the American President.

Of course, Trump is early into his Presidency, and as he delves further into his 70’s, Trump’s appetite for the job may wane.

Regardless, considering his rate of achievement in just the first two months, Trump’s greatness of soul and natural disposition to lead, has positioned him in a far better place than that of his predecessor.

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