What the hijab really represents

Earlier today, the Australian Liberty Alliance Facebook page put out a great post concerning the hijab. Considering contemporary Muslim allegiances to the Ummah, it is especially relevant.

Thanks to the ALA!

“Talking about hijabs”, Australian Liberty Alliance Facebook page:

While for some the hijab is just a piece of cloth, for others it is a symbol of orthodox Islam and a sociopolitical statement.

In Australia as in the UK, nobody forces you to belong to any religious group. You can be a Muslim today, a Buddhist on Wednesday and a Pastafarian on Sunday. It is your choice. Likewise, it is your choice whether you wear an outward symbol of your ideological or religious identification.

During times of war and crisis, when innocent people across the world are maimed and murdered in the name of Allah and Mohammed, such outward symbols of Islam become the uniform of the faithful, a sign of allegiance.

Imagine London during the 1941 Blitz. Imagine a house was just bombed by the German Luftwaffe, the dead and dying lie bleeding in the street. Imagine a lady dressed in NSDAP party uniform walks past. The likely reaction is predicable.

In the two years of the Blitz, approx 32,000 people were killed in London.
In the two year period 2015/16 at least 49,000 people were killed in Islamic terror attacks around the world*.

Of course everyone is free to wear a hijab. Just as everyone is free to express their thoughts and feelings about this outward sign of allegiance to Islam.

A tolerant society is not a suicidal society.

5 thoughts on “What the hijab really represents

  1. “A tolerant society is not a suicidal society” – except that across the world in Western culture, the lunatic Left tries mightily to get us to commit cultural suicide. Sadly, in all too many cases, the lunatic Left, the cultural Marxists, are succeeding. We’ve got to wake up and go on the offensive agains the cultural Marxists and their natural allies, radical Islam. It starts with the recognition that Islam is NOT a religion but a complete system of living, seventh century style, that uses a repressive religious component to enforce the rest of it.

    1. And are we waking up to this threat? Despite political successes in recent months, I am not so sure broader society is aware and able to properly understand this need to counter Islamism.

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