Islam in Britain

My condolences to Britain

Now, before I offer my own insights on the recent terror attack in London which has seen 5 people killed, whether we are on the anti- Islam side, pro- Islam side or otherwise, I encourage you all to pause for a moment in remembering the 5 slain British citizens.

It can be easy for some to jump on bandwagons in light of Islamist terrorism, without properly remembering those that are killed.

These horrific events grant me no pleasure whatsoever, and I find it greatly dispiriting to see Britain, the land of my forebears and the country which has given the world so much, to find itself in such a tormented state.

Thus, my thoughts and prayers travel all the way up to the land once considered as Australia’s ‘mother country’.

But while we grieve for the losses suffered in Britain, we also demand responses, and answers as to why in the 16 years since the September 11 attacks, the West has not been able to defeat Islamic terrorism.

So, in attempting to establish which solutions are necessary to remedy this epidemic, I will release a follow up piece on the latest terrorist attack in London, at some point tomorrow.

Thankyou for your attention, and may we all pray for London.

2 thoughts on “My condolences to Britain

  1. You are exactly correct in asking “why since 9/11/2001 the West has failed to defeat Islamic terrorism?”

    The West cannot defeat Islamic terrorism until the Leftist elites and their acolytes in the media that dominate so much of our political discourse come to terms with the reality of Islam. Islam is NOT a religion. Islam is a complete and barbaric system of living that uses a “religious” component to violently enforce the rest of it.

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