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President Trump refuses to shake Merkel’s hand

For a woman complicit in unleashing demographic carnage upon the free world, President Trump gave her the right response.


13 thoughts on “President Trump refuses to shake Merkel’s hand

  1. I personally think Trump did not shake hands with Merkel because she is a woman. So far he’s made the gesture to every man in the White House regardless of their policies. This is just another example of his startling disregard for the female gender.

    1. Yeah, this is where Kellyane Conway is right about the ‘triple standard’ for conservative women in politics. What the Left truly hates is that not every single woman/ ethnic minority believes in their deluded worldview.

    2. I’m sure he did too, however, there is no power play in shaking his campaign managers hand. The gesture to his campaign manager is one of gratitude and thanks whereas between country leaders signifies respect and recognition. Thus it is clear that Donald does not respect Merkel – the simplest answer of this is their contrary views on policy. However, Trump did offer the gesture to Justin Tradeu who has similar ideals to Merkel, thus it can be interpreted he does not respect her because of her gender.

    3. I’m assuming your referring to Merkel’s policy that saved millions of lives as the “destruction of the west”, if so, surely you also condemn Justin Trudeau who welcomed many refugees into Canada.

      If so, why would Trump shake his hand and not Merkels other than their gender difference? Do you condemn Trump shaking Trudeau’s hand or is your condemnation exclusive to women?

    4. Trudeau didn’t accept anywhere near the numbers into a single Union where they can run into any corner of European countries held within the eu. But Trudeau is a lightweight, so yeah if I am going to apply the same logic I would be happy if he didn’t get one.

    5. What a bogus comment! Here’s the facts of the situation: President Trump DID in fact shake hands with the East German Communist Merkel THREE TIMES in the meeting – but NOT during the photo op. Her gender had NOTHING to do with his not shaking her hand during the photo op. Her gender certainly didn’t stop him from shaking her hand three times outside of the photo op.

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