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Coopers’ cowering ‘apology’ video

After I discussed the cowardly rollover from Coopers’ earlier in the week, their recent ‘apology’ video has come to my attention.

While I’ve spent many days over the past few years criticizing the Regressive Left, this pitiful, cringe- worthy plea for totalitarian forgiveness, is the worst instance of regressive intrusion I have seen yet.

It demonstrates just how far regressive activists have hijacked the mainstream discourse; for even unwittingly showing videos fairly discussing the subject of gay marriage, can subject businesses to foul abuse and boycotts even in the face of well- intentioned apologies.

While Trump, Brexit and other populist movements are surging across the world, those at grassroots level lack leadership in the movement against this regressive, oppressive mentality.

Middle Australia is thirsting for the day that another Coopers- like scenario will emerge, and after decades of surrender; common- sense, ordinary institutions would act as protector for traditional beliefs against this ongoing SJW onslaught.

Such a time might appear far- flung, but we can all still hope that it shall come one day.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, it is up to each and everyone of us, from small towns to big cities across the nation, to collectively stand against this tyrannical, bigoted Regressive Left, and demand that enough is enough.

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