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Left-wing intolerance must be called out

For the Regressive Left to maintain any future hold over their claims of supporting ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’, they must first recognize their own painstakingly obvious, unfettered intolerance for other groups.

Including those who might happen to disagree with them (god forbid).

This is my honest, sincere advice to any ‘progressive’ who has sought to bully Coopers into withdrawing their harmless advertisement.

For if this unrestrained animosity towards all those who hold differing beliefs continues, Leftist forces will continue to lose the attention span of the ordinary man and woman.

“Left wing intolerance must be called out”, The Spectator Australia, March 15, 2017:

The Twitterati outcry over two democratically elected Members of Parliament discussing important national issues over a beer shows the absolute intolerance of those who most seek to preach it.

The bizarre reaction to the video, including a boycott of Coopers Brewery because my parliamentary colleagues happened to be drinking their beer in the video, is just the latest demonstration that the political correctness brigade is out of control.

The hypocrisy of these self-appointed PC-police is breathtaking. For instance, they:

  • Demand respect for the ‘visionary’ Fidel Castro yet demonise and celebrate the passing of Bill Leak;
  • Profess ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ yet bully and harass anyone who doesn’t share their world view;
  • Say that a democratic marriage plebiscite would unleash hatred yet unleash relentless foul mouthed attacks against people who support marriage;
  • Claim 18c is vital for civil society to stop people feeling insulted and offended yet set up fake Twitter accounts to smear and attack people;
  • And the list goes on.

While it might not sit well with the self-professed Twitterati elite, who are backed by the likes of Mia Freedman and other left-wing media organisations, more Australians still go to church each weekend than go to the footy. In those circumstances, it’s clear that the Bible – and by extension – the Bible Society would have a fair degree of support in mainstream Australia.

While I am disappointed Coopers pathetically backed down in their support for the Bible Society and immediately paid go-away money and joined Australians for Marriage Equality, there are clearly bigger issues at play here — this dogmatic approach from the left of Australian politics who feel that they can shout down and destroy anyone with whom they disagree.

The fact that an intolerant and outspoken minority continue to bully and harass hardworking and decent people and businesses is concerning.

While of course these left-wing SJWs are entitled to free speech people shouldn’t be afraid of calling out their hypocrisy and demanding a more civil and respectful discourse.

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