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Trump paid $US38m in taxes in 2005

As these deep- state leaks continue, when will the administration finally move to fire Obama holdovers so intent on destroying the Trump Presidency? It is only through these means, or via carrying out extensive prosecutions, that President Trump will be able to freely lead the United States.

Moreover, how desperate can the mainstream media get, that “Trump paying 38 million dollars in taxes” over a decade ago, serves as the main headline for their shows?

These incessant attempts to delegitimize a democratically elected President need to stop. And if Democrats plan on winning the next Presidential election, they ought to halt their relentless run of conspiracy theories, as nobody likes a sore, whining loser.

“Trump paid $US38m in taxes in 2005”, Sky News, March 15, 2017:

President Donald Trump earned $US153 million and paid $US36.5 million in income taxes in 2005, paying a roughly 25 per cent effective tax rate thanks to a tax he has since sought to eliminate.

Pages from Trump’s federal tax return show the then-real estate mogul also reported a business loss of $US103 million that year, although the documents don’t provide detail.

The return was obtained by journalist David Cay Johnston, who runs a website called, and reported live on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

Johnston, who has long reported on tax issues, said he received the documents in the mail, unsolicited.

The forms show that Trump paid an effective tax rate of 24.5 per cent, a figure well above the roughly 10 per cent the average American taxpayer forks out each year, but below the 27.4 per cent that taxpayers earning $US1 million dollars a year average….

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