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Tucker Carlson’s revealing segment with Planned Parenthood

Note how from 3.25 when Tucker Carlson presses the Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood on moral questions, she remains incapable of defending abortion, merely restating her pre- prepared scripts on how it is a ‘women’s choice’. Case closed.

That is, as far as the Left is concerned.

7 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson’s revealing segment with Planned Parenthood

  1. Planned Parenthood: a euphemism for Murder, Inc.

    Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was consulted by the Nazis in their quest for “the final solution.” She also notoriously advocated sterilizing blacks. Most Planned Parenthood “Clinics” are located where blacks have easy access to them. More blacks are murdered by Planned Parenthood than by all other causes combined.

    1. And while Republican’s are denounced as ‘Nazis’, where the mainstream admissions of these basic facts? It’s interesting you say that, because the real far right are actually supportive of abortion for these exact reasons eg. Richard Spencer.

  2. Here is something to consider:

    We ought not trivialize the fact that each time an abortion is performed, a human life is snuffed out. That sad fact may be distasteful for some folks to hear, but it is the reality.

    As well, when government officials, be they jurists or legislators, act to strip legal protection and legal status from a whole class of human beings, that ought to be a wake up call to the rest of us. Already, in many western countries, newborns with severe handicaps are being denied hydration and food. This is wrong. The weak (or frail), the old, the sick, the depressed, the severely handicapped . . . . The list goes on. All these groups of individuals are at risk now when we no longer respect the sanctity of innocent life. We have lost some of our humanity in the process.

    1. Yes I agree very much here. Two groups who are those most vulnerable: infants and the very elderly have been treated appallingly and we ought to reconsider our current trajectory.

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