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How feminism betrays the interests of women

On the recent designated adherence day to virtue- signalling, man- bashing, myth- promoting nonsense (otherwise known as the ABC’s coverage of International Women’s Day), a common theme continued to come up (at least, for the ten minutes I could endure to watch their overtly manufactured garbage).

“A man is not a financial plan” and “women must continue to develop further into the workplace” were the lines frequently espoused.

The ABC also placed emphasis on the ‘gender pay gap’, and the purported problem with small numbers of female CEO’s.

But whilst the ABC presented itself as the champion of women’s rights, all of this discussion about women in the workplace, seemed to subtly, if not clearly, suggest that stay- at home mothers were somehow inferior to those in professional jobs.

That somehow being a woman laser- focused on advancing up the corporate ladder was the archetype for all to emulate.

And from my observations, this seems to be the general consensus in feminism.

Feminism appears to be at least implying, that women dedicated to motherhood as opposed to professional jobs will live unsophisticated, undesirable lives.

Now in my view, women should be encouraged to have children, and if suitable, pursue work in whichever capacity they please.

Obviously in a Western society women and men all have the freedom to make these decisions for themselves, free of governmental interference.

But what mainstream voices on the ABC and other feminists are doing, is heedlessly discouraging the practice of child- bearing.

Personally I disagree with this sentiment, and as someone who cares about Western civilization, the evidence appears to be in my favour.

So, while many women try to balance work and family commitments, what consequences what will this professionally- orientated mindset bring?

Indubitably, when combined with promiscuity, these attitudes are currently and will continue to result in lower birth rates across the Western world.

As children are no longer cherished as they once were, motherhood can be seen as a roadblock to further professional development.

Birth rates validate this, with virtually all Western countries having below the replacement birth rate of 2.1 children per woman.

But while the West remains in population decline, Africa could reach 4 billion people by 2100. That is an extra 3 billion people than exists today, who will require food, water, shelter and safety.

Naturally, these new Africans will look to migrate into European countries; wealthy and full of empty spaces left by the dying masses of Europeans.

When contemplating this, the modern European migrant crisis is only the tip of the iceberg compared to future migration pressures the continent will face. In addition, Western countries such as America, Canada and Australia will also face unprecedented migratory strains.

As this process continues to progress in the future, I suspect that even feminists will realize that ideas aimed towards moving women into the workplace and subsequently hindering birth rates, are actually against the interests of Western women.

Because as Westerners continue to die out and migrants take their place, the gulf between Western culture and non- Western cultures will become even starker.

As we are presently witnessing in Europe, new migrants will bring differing ideas about gender, equality, freedom and the rule of law totally incompatible with our own, which will all irreversibly change the societies we live in.

These changes in part influenced by feminist advocates can’t be compared to an economic crisis or temporary adjustments; they are permanent, as once different cultures and people migrate they are here to stay.

Feminism might claim to stand for women’s rights.

But in it’s present form, feminist tendencies will only displace liberal cultures who first gave them the right to vote, drive, work and childcare support, while in their place backward, archaic cultures will increasingly emerge, including the odious force of Islam.

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