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Secular Talk’s unrestrained inaccuracy

Some weeks ago, Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk released a grossly inaccurate video regarding Islam in America which deserves critical attention. As Kulinski is a young, increasingly popular youtuber, it seems appropriate to deconstruct the work of this leading ‘progressive’ voice, to demonstrate why the Left is so wrong about modern Islamist infiltration.

In fairness, Kulinski has in part has shown to possess a distaste for political correctness and contrived Leftist outrage.

Moreover, he claims to be ‘loyal to the facts’, and this was evident as Kulinski thoroughly exposed the flaws of Hillary Clinton in 2016 election cycle.

Nevertheless, in this case he is terribly wrong, arrogant, and betraying of his supposed ‘liberal principles’ in order to avoid raising the truth about Islam in America.

As I did some weeks ago in my review of Yassmin Abdel- Magied, I will proceed to list and explain the misleading aspects of his video, and then post the whole video at the bottom of this page for readers to gain a further context.

My analysis of Kyle Kulinski’s “CPAC ‘Expert’ Thinks Sharia Law Infiltrated US Courts & Police”:

Kulinski starts his video by giving a short introduction, and then plays footage of the Security Center’s own Claire Lopez giving a speech at the recent CPAC conference.

True to her convictions, Lopez claims there to be a long- term Islamist strategy at play, suggesting the Muslim Brotherhood aims to insinuate sharia “gradually, stealthily into our society”. Furthermore, Lopez argues that Sharia has infiltrated US courts, police and society.

In immediate response to the segment, Kulinski slams Lopez’ speech by describing it as ‘f***ing crazy’. He then compares Lopez’ arguments to past scapegoating of Jews, suggesting her speech to be a nonsensical conspiracy theory about the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

But is Lopez’ description really all that crazy?

Uncovered in 2008, a 1991 strategy paper from the Muslim Brotherhood referred to a process of ‘civilizational jihad’. The paper urged the Brotherhood to understand that their work in America is a “kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Moreover, the plan lists CAIR, ISNA, MAS and other mainstream Muslim organisations, as means to achieve their ambitious goal.

Likewise, there many Islamist connections among stmainstream Muslim organisations.

The 2008 Holy Lands trial, named CAIR as an indicted co- conspirator in funneling money towards terrorist groups.

Huma Abedin maintains many disturbing links, while members of the Obama administration, including Mohammed Elibiary, Arif Alikhan, Mohamed Magid, Eboo Patel Salam al-Marayati have all been repeatedly accused of Muslim Brotherhood association. Most infamously, Mohammed Elibiary was fired after he tweeted the coming of the caliphate to be ‘inevitable’.

It’s easy for Kulinski to laugh down concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. But how can one so legitimately dismiss the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence without first exploring these above facts?

Kulinski then moves on to dismiss the ideas of Sharia courts operating in America, as well as the purported Islamist intrusions into US law enforcement and counter intelligence agencies.

He plainly claims that Sharia ‘is not’ in US courts. But factually speaking, self- styled Islamic courts do administer Sharia in the US, as occurs in other Western countries including Australia, Britain and France.

There might not be concrete legal justifications for these courts yet, but this has not substantially stopped the application of Sharia principles relating to matters of marital relations, which markedly diminish women’s rights.

And as for Islamic influence into US law enforcement and intelligence agencies?

In recent years, Muslim Brotherhood- linked CAIR has moved to host training sessions on the subject of Islam. CAIR has also sought to purge police forces nationwide of all supposed ‘Islamophobes’.

Likewise, since the beginning of the Obama administration, intelligence agencies have removed the words ‘jihad’ and ‘radical Islam’,from all official documentation. Could this have anything to do with the intentions of certain individuals to systemically downplay issues of Islam, to allow the problem to further fester? In the face of no logical answers as to why this action from the Obama administration was necessary, absolutely.

Isolated by themselves, these trends may not seem especially harmful to American society.

But Kulinski didn’t use his video to explore to what extent this threat existed, as he instead outright denied the existence of the threat altogether.

Then towards the end of the video, Kulinski proceeds to slam CPAC and those in attendance, accusing them of hypocrisy due to past conservative support for the invasion of Iraq.

Well perhaps this might have been true among some conservative circles, but this is not directly relevant to the subject matter of Islam in America, so this remark provides a red herring to veil Kulinski’s own ignorance.

As stated earlier, Kyle Kulinski is not an especially biased ‘progressive’, and is loyal to objective reasoning on occasion.

Furthermore, he has criticized aspects of Islamist doctrine in past episodes, and has been particularly harsh in criticism of Saudi Arabia.

But this recent score of inaccuracies, half truths and deceptions aptly demonstrates how Leftists, even if they be of the right stripe, remain uncommitted, and/ or oblivious to confronting the Islamic threat.

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