Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Sam Harris Puts Noam Chomsky in His Rightful Place

I don’t agree with everything that Sam Harris stands for. But when speaking in regards to Islamic apologism and the false equivalencies that Noam Chomsky and others frequently seek to create, Harris is absolutely spot on.

4 thoughts on “Sam Harris Puts Noam Chomsky in His Rightful Place

  1. I would agree with Chomsky that England and the US have been far and away the most evil. Yes Islam is repressive and medieval, but there has been altogether a different level of evil from our governments.

    With regard to intentions, Chomsky is correct intentions are hard to know, Harris is correct they do make a difference in assessing the situation.

    1. Ok well thanks for sharing your views and a dissenting comment! Perhaps there is some middle ground between Chomsky and Harris, although I agree a lot more with Harris on this one.

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