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Equality for pedestrian traffic light signals: Or is there something else at play?

According to reports, pedestrian traffic lights depicting female figures will be installed in Melbourne’s CBD today as a part of a lobby group’s push for gender equality.

While some have celebrated the move, others have condemned it by lambasting the new traffic lights as ‘political correctness gone mad’.

But clearly, the truth of these adjustments to Melbourne pedestrian lights, lies closer to the middle.

Over the top outbursts and meaningless celebrations for these token gestures aside, these changes in Melbourne do reveal something about the state of our present culture, that goes far beyond whether or not we should have ‘gender equality’ for female walking signals.

Because in principle, I have no objection to as many females appearing in pedestrian signals as do men.

But these changes pursued in socialist Melbourne, are not really about equality or women’s rights.

Just as how the excessive idolization of Aboriginal history has nothing to do with Aboriginals, or how the Left’s irrational apologism for Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

In order for us to understand this ‘social justice fighting, progressive’ prototype, we must recognize the fundamental principle underpinning these superficial beliefs.

As at their very root, behind the ever- polarized political and social climate, regressives appear to be primarily motivated by an unwavering distaste for traditional norms and Western civilization.

Whether it be their favourite hobby of incessantly mocking white heterosexual males, their woefully one- sided condemnations of Western colonialism, the United States, Christianity, or their inexplicable sympathy for jihadis, the Left’s hatred of traditional norms and Western civilization is central to all of this.

Because at varying times, I suspect that regressive activists don’t even know the merits of what they are arguing for.

Rather, they often advocate for policies to gradually achieve their dream of erasing Western influence from human existence, replacing it with an internationalist, border- less vision of humanity, in which backward cultures are celebrated before the true drivers of human progress.

5 thoughts on “Equality for pedestrian traffic light signals: Or is there something else at play?

  1. These traffic lights seem like a big wast of money why not take that money and put it into something meaningful. Dose anyone really care what shows up there if so to be open to everyone why not just put stars. On top of that not too many woman wear those long skirts anymore or hats. So by the looks of todays world the signals to day look a lot more like a modern woman than those “equality” ones.

  2. “political correctness gone mad’ – that is great!

    Yes, the Left is motivated by hate of what is good. I cannot help feeling that many on the Left suffer from a form of self-hatred that they transfer and project on to the society around them. Whatever the motivation, the Left is hate filled and, driven by raw emotion, gets very violent with anyone who disagrees with them and their destructive agenda.

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