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Is there a future for White Afrikaners?

The tale of South Africa is a complex, fascinating, tragic one, with opinions divided as to who should take blame for the country’s present predicament.

While some suggest that South Africa’s rampant crime and poverty can be traced back to the Apartheid era, others blame affirmative action, in creating a bitter legacy of anti- white resentment.

In truth, an objective answer to who should own responsibility for South Africa’s ills, lies somewhere in the middle.

But what cannot be disputed, is that Nelson Mandela’s dream for a ‘rainbow nation’, has not been realized to its once anticipated potential.

Thus, as the following documentary demonstrates, divisions along race and culture can be extremely difficult to stamp out, as reinforced by the world more generally departing along an increasingly ethnonationalist, tribalist path.

5 thoughts on “Is there a future for White Afrikaners?

  1. The first heart transplant was done by a White South Afrikaneer – Christian Barnard. This something that no Western school would dare teach its students, lest they learn to respect the intellectual accomplishments of this people.

    1. Yep, and more looting, rape, violence and chaos. And sadly, this is the way modern South Africa is going. I am just grateful I don’t have significant ties to that area as do many SA immigrants I Western Australia, as I wouldn’t be caught in that place dead.

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