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Jeff Sessions: the Newest Target for Supposed Collusion with Russians

The New York Times and The Washington Post have both released stories claiming Attorney General Jeff Sessions had meetings with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. The Trump administration and Jeff Sessions himself say he did nothing wrong. The issue dates back to Sessions’ hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was asked by Senator […]

4 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions: the Newest Target for Supposed Collusion with Russians

  1. Have you noticed in recent days how the “Russians hacked us and our elections” narrative has collapsed on the Left? Trump called them out on their wiretap of him. Now they have quietly dropped this narrative and are feverishly searching for a new one. Here’s how to tell what is coming next from the Left: look at what they accuse the Conservatives of doing. They accuse the Conservatives of doing the very thing they themselves are guilty of …

    1. Exactly right! Or remember how the Left started the term ‘fake news’. And then Trump started using the term against them and it has been great to watch this backfire.

  2. Jeff Sessions is the newest target for the deep state trying to destroy a democratically elected President. If people can’t see this, Brave New World Order has a real chance at turning Trump’s victory to theirs. The pattern is emerging the persistent issue will be Russia. They have already taken out Flynn. If they succeed with Sessions they will move on to their next target.

    Our response must be to expose this corruption within the US system and help the average person to see it plain as day. This is an ongoing internal coup being waged between partner in the CIA, NSA and the media.

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