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The new battleground for conservative politics

Marine Le Pen once claimed that there was “no longer a left and right. Now there is only globalists and nationalists.”

While these comments came some years ago, they have proved prophetic when considering the shifting identities of politics across the West.

Of course, Left- wing and Right- wing remain commonly used labels, utilized by those who categorize according to traditional political ideas.

And while I consider myself conservative and ‘Right- wing’ on various social issues, the pressing problems of our age demand we place greater emphasis on nationalist politics as Le Pen once foresaw.

The 2016 US Presidential election was a prime example of these changing priorities.

Sure, Donald Trump promised to cut taxes and Hillary Clinton promised to raise them. And Trump payed lip service to the Christian Right, whereas Clinton spoke in support of abortion rights.

So whilst there were particular differences between the candidates which could be divided along the Left- Right spectrum, what won Trump the election was not an obsessive fixation on social conservatism.

Instead, in Trump a new type of Republican emerged, who used the platform of ‘America First’ to underpin his attitudes towards trade, Islam, immigration and foreign policy, and in doing so established common ground with the ideas of many historically Democratic voters.

Contrastingly, Hillary Clinton prioritized global interests above America’s on these crucial issues, and combined with her side’s fixation upon elitism, was why she lost the election.

However, looming electoral success is far from the sole reason conservatives should place greater significance to nationalist issues.

As when considering the nation state, the stakes for failures in regards to areas of trade, Islam, immigration, and foreign policy, are far graver than for domestic social issues.

For without intelligent trade policies, we sentence our people to the slavery of the highest overseas bidder. We relinquish our capacity to make independent policy decisions, and worsen our reliance on the great powers and corporations which surround us.

Islam remains the greatest threat to Western civilization, human progress, as well as to liberty and freedom. Given our diametrically opposing values, Islam is set for a collision course with our countries and ways of life, and should we not take meaningful action, all that is great about the West will eventually be replaced with the most tyrannical legal system in existence today: Sharia law.

Immigration is also important to sensibly control, as there is no realistic means of turning back the changes mass illegal (and legal) immigration can wreak.

Likewise, a nationalist foreign policy is pivotal, as international organisations move to further diminish our sovereignty. Bored with its historic role as international arbiter, the United Nations moves ambitiously towards imposing the ‘2030 agenda’, which aims to trample the sovereignty of the nation state.

Put simply, if our nation cannot guard against the excesses of free trade, Islamization, unbridled immigration and internationalist foreign policies, we will have nothing left to defend.

We can all spend hours engaging in debates over gay marriage, renewable energy or higher budget deficits, but ultimately these areas remain internal and subsequently less important issues.

Because without safeguarding against the external elements endangering our nation, our opinions on domestic issues will grow irrelevant, as the West in its present form will cease to exist.

Of course, conservative views on domestic issues should continue to be expressed, heard and fiercely fought for (as on the majority of issues, conservatives are right).

But when deciding what deserves greater attention between nationalism or domestic social conservatism, there should be no competition.

Just as how how a wind farm pales in significance to a knife- wielding Islamic terrorist, domestic Leftist causes are a much lesser foe than external threats to our basic existence .


6 thoughts on “The new battleground for conservative politics

  1. Excellent post! I live in Crazifornia which is notoriously leftist in its voting. But, I live in a rural area where there is a surprisingly large number of Conservatives. I rarely go into a fast food restaurant, but out of necessity did so yesterday. A man wearing one of Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” red hats was in line behind me. I said “You are a brave man wearing that hat in California.” His reply was “We must stand up and speak up.” Spot-on! A Mexican man, though I think he was probably U.S. born, was behind the man with the red hat. Everyone assumes that Mexicans vote Democrat, myself included. To my great surprise, the Mexican man said “I voted for Trump. Eight years of Obama brought this country to its knees. Now we’ve got to raise the country up again.” I was never so happy that I stopped in a fast food place. I came out with a glimmer of hope that we can turn Crazifornia around again.

    1. Haha brilliant story. I understand there is actually I lot of conservative support in certain parts of California. But it appears almost impossible for it to turn red again. The soft bigotry of leftists never fails to disappoint, that’s for sure! I also love your saying crazifornia, think I’ll take that up in future!

  2. Well said, and you have raised important points.

    In Australia this means we have some heavy political fights ahead of us as there are no real nationalist candidates of note on record, and Pauline Hanson simply won’t cut the mustard.

    Beyond these fights, we have got to sound the alarm on the forces within our nation that want to destroy the nation-state in favour of an international world order and how they continue to use education, pop culture and the arts to disseminate their ideas, their propaganda and also to brainwash our youth, which is the biggest challenge and priority so that we do not end up with a disproportionate percentage of young people who emotionally have bought in to the goals and visions of the Globalists.

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