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Muslim leaders urge Greens vote

As I’ve discussed before, Muslim leaders are not doing nearly enough to counter the scourge of radicalization and anti- Australian sentiment within their communities.

So while those who speak frankly about Islam are shunned as being ‘Isis’s biggest recruiters’, these calls from an incompetent, Islamopologist leadership speaks volumes.

“WA election: Muslim leaders urge Greens vote in One Nation preference protest”, ABC News, February 22, 2o17:

A group of Islamic leaders in Perth has urged its followers not to vote for the Liberal Party in the state election following the party’s preference deal with One Nation.

The six imams urged voters to choose the Greens in the wake of the preference deal, which will see the Liberals preference One Nation ahead of the Nationals in the Upper House in regional areas.

It said the deal meant the Liberals were “appearing to endorse the politics of racism, division and fear”, and the rise of One Nation had again put the Muslim community in the firing line of hate propaganda.

“After creating fear, hatred and suspicion she [Pauline Hanson] then preys on the ignorance of the Australia public by falsely alleging that Muslims are trying to implement sharia law in Australia,” it said in a release signed by six Perth imams.

“She also has policies that include a ban of the burqa and a total ban of Muslim migration to Australia citing her reasons that if we do not act against Islam there will be ‘terrorism on the streets’ and ‘Australians murdered’.”

The statement said the Greens valued cultural diversity, respect and tolerance and had shown commitment to defend the rights of all people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.

Those who signed it were Sheikhs Hisham Obeid, Faizal Ghafoor, Yusuf Parker, Mirsel Kozica, Safdar Parker and Mohammed Shakeeb, who said he could not understand the concern about politics and religion mixing.

“In the past we have remained by and large apolitical, but we thought we should at least inform the community of the politics of racism and division that is a threat to the cohesion and harmony of our society,” Mr Shakeeb said.

“We’re not instructing them to vote for one particular party as such, but our aim is to educate the community, to understand the implications of having a party that is going to be advocating racism and division.

“Ultimately each individual will vote for the party which represents their best interests … all we are doing is asking our community to vote in such a way that would maintain harmony in our society, unity, rather than division and hatred.”

The Islamic Council of Perth said it supported the imams’ stance, and said the Muslim community wanted to give Premier Colin Barnett “a strong slap for turning his cheek towards fascist Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party”….

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  1. Of course they urge a Greens vote!

    The secular progressives are partnered with the totalitarian mullahs; the Greens want to use issues like this to end borders and bring on Global Bureaucracy and PC Culture and the Mullahs are willing to deal with anyone who wants to destroy the enemy of Islam, Western Civilization.

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