Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull destroys Bill Shorten

As I’ve made clear in the past, I’m no huge fan of Malcolm Turnbull, and I lost major interest in the Liberal party after he betrayed Tony Abbott to become Prime Minister.

However, Turnbull’s demolition job of Shorten is not only entertaining, but when considering the union- controlled, parasitic, disconnected nature of the Labor party, he is correct to deliver the bruising blows he did.

7 thoughts on “Malcolm Turnbull destroys Bill Shorten

  1. A lovely smackdown of a Unionist hack – even if Turnbull is (ahem) less than a stellar example of a stand up kind of guy … Shades of the great Nigel Farage in this put down of the leftist!

  2. Turnbull is a classic political story of trying to please all the ‘right’ people and in so doing pleases nobody either in his own party or elsewhere.

    I suspect the only reason he has suddenly found a fire in his belly is because Corey Bernardi has thrown the gauntlet down.

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