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Islamic terrorist stripped of Australian citizenship

Our country has many problems that require solving. Whether it be ice, domestic violence, terrorism, poverty or homelessness, Australia is not without its own problems.

And while we are committed to providing humanitarian assistance abroad, there is no need to lavishly treat terrorists who hate the very premise of our country.

Therefore, I  commend the first use of some new anti- terror laws, which have seen dual- national terrorist Khaled Sharrouf stripped of his Australian citizenship.

It is highly sensible for our leaders to prevent unwanted migrants from devastating our country, so hopefully these laws can affect as many terrorists as possible.

“Khaled Sharrouf stripped of his Australian citizenship”,, February 11, 2017:

ISLAMIC State fighter Khaled Sharrouf is believed to have become the first dual national stripped of Australian citizenship under anti-terrorism laws.

A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told AAP on Saturday an individual had been stripped of citizenship under anti-terror laws which passed parliament in 2015.

She declined to name the person but The Australian reports it is Sharrouf.

The Weekend Australian reported a secret panel of intelligence ­officers, police, bureaucrats and lawyers cancelled Sharrouf’s Australian citizenship earlier this year.

Sharrouf, the son of Lebanese migrants, must now rely on his Lebanese citizenship, if he chooses to ever leave Syria.

The father of five made worldwide headlines in 2014 after images surfaced of himself and his young son holding up the severed head of a Syrian government official.

Sharrouf travelled to Syria in late 2013 with his friend, fellow Sydney man Mohamed Elomar.

Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, also travelled to Syria with their children, but she has since died. The fate of the children is unknown although it was reported his eldest daughter Zaynab, now 15, was married off to Elomar who she had a child with. Elomar was later killed in a drone strike.

In 2015 there were unconfirmed reports Sharrouf had died. 

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