The Left’s descent to Fascism


Ever since alt- right figure Richard Spencer was recorded being punched in the face, a variety of Nazi- punching memes and games have emerged, while the Left has sought to explain and/ or justify why assaulting people they believe to be ‘Nazis’ is appropriate.

But while criticizing the perceived faults of others, the Left has lost sight of its own moral compass and has (in part), begun acting similar to forces it claims to oppose.

Given the nature of this topic, it is worth considering the great evil of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler.

Whilst Hitler committed many sins, what fundamentally drove his leadership of Germany, was an extreme intolerance for all who disagreed with his views or held different beliefs.

Jews, Jehovah’s witnesses, and dissenters were all such groups who dared to challenge the merits of National Socialism.

And for that, these people were murdered in their millions, as Hitler could not allow differing views to prosper in public.

Because, Hitler understood that if his regime’s brutality was openly exposed, he would not have the loyalty of the German people.

Instead, Hitler aspired for Germans to all think the same, act the same, and blindingly follow his cult of National Socialism, without putting this ideology to rigorous debate.

Does any of this sound familar to 2017?

While thankfully no modern Western country is ruled by a Fascist regime, the similarities between the tactics of current regressives and those of Hitler’s, are ever- increasing.

As to justify violence against a regular civillian, is about as fascist as it gets.

A regressive might respond: ‘But Nazi’s are terrible people, so they deserve to be punched’.

But arean’t democratic notions of respect and tolerance for different belief systems, what made the West a shining example to follow?Disagreeing with someone, can surely be expressed in a far more civilized, effective manner than resorting to violence.

Furthermore, to open the door for civilians to carry out political violence, is a slippery slope.As if we are to start attacking Nazis because it is regarded as morally justified, who will be next? Alt- Righters? Centre- right conservatives? Regressives? If we begin physically attacking people simply because we disagree with or detest their views, the embryonic foundations for societal anarchy and chaos are already established.

We saw a glimpse of this potential future at Berkely campus last week, after rioters wreaked enormous damage upon people and buildings, to express their distaste against Milo Yiannopoulos, who they ironically claimed to be a ‘Neo- Nazi’.

Winston Churchill once predicted that the future fascists ‘will be called anti- fascists’.

Clearly, given the current trajectory of regressive forces, we ought to learn from this prophetic warning.

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