Tom Brady’s friendship with President Trump under fire

After unparalleled hysteria in recent weeks, some parts of the regressive media have demanded that Tom Brady give up his friendship with President Trump.

While it’s understandable that regressive forces are dismayed at some of the new President’s policies, bullying someone into relinquishing friendships due to personal political disagreements, is something else.

This latest incident follows a pattern set when the regressive Left viciously attacked Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey, after they expressed mildly optimistic statements regarding President Trump.

But since when did the Left appoint itself high priest of morality? Moreover, what gave these people the audacity to decide the opinions and friends of others?

If partisanship is taken out of the picture for just one moment and we recast ourselves back to the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton’s troubling history and connections were clear.

She was complicit in creating devastating conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, and proposed dangerous ideas which could provoke nuclear conflict with Russia. Hillary Clinton also used her foundation as a ‘pay for play’ scheme while Secretary of State, expressed unbridled bigotry for Middle America, and once expressed dreams for open borders in addition to a global common market.

Now, as objectionable as these ambitions are, did any conservative or Republican denounce Jay Z or Beyoncé, for campaigning in support for Hillary Clinton?

Did anyone personally demand that they give up their friendship with the Clintons, and if not imply they would be met with severe retribution?

While I would disagree with their final conclusion, there is nothing morally unacceptable about people exploring their own political beliefs, and if these end up becoming Leftist beliefs, then so be it.

So in addition to leaving Tom Brady alone, if regressives could start to even half- heartedly tolerate views which differed from their own, this would be a much welcome change.

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