Why the Left is no longer Liberal

Dave Rubin of the Rubin report, sums up the Regressive Left brilliantly in the video linked below. I have also listed my own quotes from the video which I found most insightful, in digesting the nature of this movement.

  • The Regressive Left “judges us not by the content of our character, but by the colour of our skin”.
  • The movement loves “diversity in skin colour, just not diversity in thought”.
  • In the Regressive Left “Victimhood is the highest virtue to be had”.
  • “This Oppression olympics, allows groups to compete for who is the most oppressed, thus the most virtuous. And if someone isnt as oppressed as you, then you have full authority to oppress them accordingly.”.

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    1. It happens among scholars as well, and is counter-productive to thinking about how the plurality of groups in society experience restrictions on their Constitutional rights.

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