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Muslim leaders to file lawsuit against Donald Trump’s refugee ban

The nature of those supportive of an idea, generally (although not always), reveals something about the idea itself.

In the case of President Trump’s refugee ban concerning several Islamic countries, he is arousing some notorious opposition.

Chief among them is the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, who are moving to file a lawsuit against Trump’s refugee ban.

Repeatedly, CAIR has sought to promulgate fake notions of Islamic victimhood, to further their ambitions of establishing Sharia across America.

So should we really be surprised that this Islamist organisation, is aiming for unrestricted Islamic immigration, instead of achieving security for Americans?

“Muslim leaders to file lawsuit against Donald Trump’s refugee ban”, theindependent, 28 January, 2017:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is planning on filing a lawsuit to challenge Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees.

Mr Trump’s executive order, signed on the same day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, requested that the Department of Homeland Security imposes a 120-day blanket ban on all refugees coming from seven Muslim-Majority countries.

Syrian refugees would be banned “indefinitely”, but Christian applicants would be given top priority.

CAIR’s lawsuit is aimed to “challenge the constitutionality of the order which very clearly is designed to target Muslims”, Lena Masri, CAIR’s national litigation director, told The Independent.

Ms Masri said there are more than 20 Muslims behind the lawsuit and they started to prepare the case as soon as the executive order was signed.

“The American Muslim community has been the target of discriminatory policies for many years now,” she said. “Generally speaking at this time the Muslim community is being attacked by this order. It’s important for Americans to stand together and rise together.”

There are around 3.3 million American Muslims in the US, just 1 per cent of a national population of more than 320 million…

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  1. Stop the Madness!
    America First! Most of the citizens in America have roots from other countries. The Key is to want to come here and to become an American not to bring your Country’s way of life here, to change America.
    All Muslims must follow the five pillars of faith or, they are not Muslim –

    Please, everyone help stop the Islamization of America.

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