3 thoughts on “The SBS is worthless garbage

  1. The International progressive secular left has taken full control of these political and cultural issues in Australia. All of the Australia day attacks lack context of any sort. The suggestion of “Invasion Day” is ridiculous because it was not an invasion but colonization and it took place over a period of decades. Those convicts who had been vomiting all over each other in the hulls of galleons for months on end during their brutal sea voyage after being locked up in them for months on end in England were a gallant and ruthless invasion force heh?

    “Invasion Day” is a way to package up a century of history and give it a thoroughly new spin all out of context. Of course, the French were after this land too and probably others would have been in due course. Do they think Australia could have been, should have been left alone? Could anyone imagine if the Ottoman Empire had been strong in naval adventures and discovered Australia? There either wouldn’t have been a single indigenous man woman or child left alive or they would have all been forced to submit under the sword.

    Sadly, there are many white Australian youth who are being emotionally manipulated into self-loathing and cultural self-loathing, and by people and groups who represent systems and values that are far worse than ours. We are not perfect but we have laid the basis for a large and peaceful civilization and that must be declared and respected. The people trying to destroy it all are agents of destruction and nothing more. They have no framework for civilization to offer. They are parasites and we need to get cracking and rid ourselves of them, before they devour us.

    History happens. We do not get to just sit back and scheme up a Utopia. If that were the case of human history we’d probably be in it.

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