10 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro on abortion

  1. Ben is right the after party of such an event is as ugly as it gets. Which is why many of the mothers/pts don’t want to see it. Event such as this one is one that happens and the pt cant wait to get out of it. Having been there for loved one I could tell judging by her face she wants happy with her choice. To this day this is the only event she is still unwilling to address.

  2. If we clear cut a forest and leave it 100 years, it will grow back, and so will return all the species that live there. This will happen anywhere on Earth regardless of ecosystem. Even abandoned city blocks get reclaimed in this way by nature. And things will come back as they should, as they were laid down when the Creator created everything. The world around us continues on in this way, seed-flower-seed-flower-seed-flower. You and I then are simply the next flower of our original seed. You know that picture of you that looks just like Grandpa? Seed-flower-seed-flower-seed-flower.

    So, where can you cut in this cycle? Really you can’t. It is one life blooming over and over again. That baby, that life, really started when as Paul McCartney once sang “I saw her standing there.” Sure, a certain corner was turned when the egg was fertilized, but where are you going to cut? People can argue for arbitrary lines at so many weeks, but in truth it is a life from the get go. Then it begins to flower at birth. So, we only care for flowers, not the process of it’s blossoming?

    No, women have a right to try as best they can to choose when they will have a child, but they do not get to dictate the terms of life. They were given the responsibility of bringing children into the world because they have wisdom enough to recognize certain personal sacrifices must be made and that life is not all about the individual. A woman does not get to pick the exact moment of ovulation, and of course if her male doesn’t have the right stuff sometimes there is no life possible.

    We live in an increasingly bizarre world where artificial procreation is allowing for a whole new idea about the creation of life. It goes beyond debating abortion into LBGT couples and transgender couples and soon homosexual couples being able to procreate through the miracles of science. As it says in Genesis if man is to eat from the tree of immortality so as to become like a God there will be no end to his meddling. These technologies will, if taken to the wrong ends service a technological dictatorship whereby the state comes in to control of procreation and termination of life and women like this “Pop” star (cultural Nihilist designed to blow up cultural traditions and values), will believe it to be part of a Brave New Utopia.

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