10 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro on abortion

  1. “No, women have a right to try as best they can to choose when they will have a child, but they do not get to dictate the terms of life.”

    I don’t get to decide my own future, but YOU wan too decide my future for me?

    Pro life. What is really a life worth if I can’t decide my life for myself? Are you simply assuming that I have not, as a human being, gained knowledge throughout my life, delt with difficulties, recovered, educated myself so I can NOT make a rational and MATURE decision what is best for ME, my family, my future AND the unborn child that is UNWANTED? You are taking away my right to live MY life. Is a fetus, that can’t decide or make decisions rights more important then a human being who made a decision that she can’t give a child all the love and care it deserves?

    1. It can impose a difficult burden on mothers if unexpected pregnancies come up. I wouldn’t deny this for one second. But adoption is always an option. And equally, I believe that no mother in the world should have the right (except for unique circumstances), to deny an unborn child which has developed characteristics of life, the right to life. No parent should ever get the chance to decide that a child’s life will not be worth living, regardless of the circumstances, as I believe the parents do not possess the rights to make such a decision. Obviously, much of the political establishment begs to differ…

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