Islam in Australia

Suspicious behaviour from Australian police

“Video of Australia car attacker: People run for their lives as he screams ‘Alluhu akbar'”, jihadwatch, January 20, 2017:

You can hear “Allahu akbar” at :34.

Police are trying to suppress a witness account that he said this. Why? The prevailing story is that he was mentally ill. He may indeed be. But being an Islamic jihad murderer and mentally ill are not mutually exclusive propositions. Or he may be, in his mental illness, imitating the behavior of those whom he sees as strong and fearsome. In any case, the police attempt to suppress evidence is troubling.

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  1. Unless we find the courage to confront and stop this insanity, the Politically Correct Lunatic Left will be the death of the West before radical Islam can do the job itself … Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy!

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